Dental care we offer...

We understand embarking on dental treatment can sometimes be daunting for many reasons, this is why dentists Alison Cocks, Melissa Maudsley and Jawairia Ashraf will always strive to provide their patients with the following:


  • suitable, clear information and advice about different treatment options to reach the treatment decision best suited to that individual person

  • a wide range of traditional and more modern dental treatments and procedures

  • high quality and predictable results

  • selecting the best dental laboratories and technicians based in the local Lancashire area to help us provide you with high quality and bespoke dentures, crowns and bridgework

  • warm, welcoming and comfortable environment in which to have your dental care and treatment






For our private patients there are two ways to pay:

1. Pay as go - you can pay as you go, where a check up can cost as little as £45 OR

2. Practice plan  - you pay a monthly fee, which start from as little as £10 per month, and will cover you for regular check ups, scale and polishes and other additional benefits.

Click on the following link to be taken to our 'About Us' page which will give you more information about our plans.

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The following are some of the treatments we can offer you:


  • routine dental examinations and oral cancer screenings

  • teeth cleaning and stain removal (usually with our in-house hygienist)

  • fillings - traditional or white 

  • composite 'bonding' (to help improve the shape of your front teeth)

  • dentures - full, or partial. Basic acrylic to cast metal bespoke fittings

  • crowns and bridges - metal, metal porcelain and all ceramic (eg Emax)

  • routine root canal treatments

  • veneers

  • inlays and onlays

  • professional tooth whitening- in surgery or 'take home' options

  • Invisalign (clear braces) - click here for more details.

  • bespoke sports gum shields

  • night bite guards etc..